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Pillar 3 Disclosures- Non US Legal Entities

Basel II Rules establish requirements for U.S. and international implementation of new regulatory capital rules and their alignment with underlying risks. Basel II provides detailed capital requirements for credit and operational risk under Pillar 1, supervisory requirements under Pillar 2 and disclosure requirements under Pillar 3. The Basel II capital framework is intended to measure and assess the capital levels in relation to risks inherent in the financial services businesses. Basel II Pillar 3 reporting which represents Market Discipline or Disclosure is in place to enhance and complement Pillars 1 and 2 and ultimately promote additional transparency into these types of financial data.

Below is a list of international Bank of America Corporation branches or subsidiaries which are required to adhere to Pillar 3 reporting in their local markets. Those with active links, as noted by the underlined text, have their most recently published Pillar 3 requirements available for review. Those that do not have active links will be reporting according to Pillar 3 requirements in the future.

Please note that while all the entities below are subject to Pillar 3 reporting, not all regulatory agencies apply or require the same measures or level of detail in their disclosures. Additionally, not all international Bank of America entities are subject to Pillar 3 reporting. Those that are not are appropriately omitted.

Until the end of Bank of America’s mandated parallel reporting period in the U.S, only Pillar 3 reports for international entities will be available. Beginning with the first public reporting period in the U.S, Pillar 3 reports for Bank of America Corporation will also be available. By clicking on the name of the entities shown below, the reader will be able to review the respective entity’s Pillar 3 report based on the requirements they are subject to.

($ in millions)Total Risk
Weighted Assets
Total CapitalTier 1 CapitalTier 2 CapitalReporting Date
Bank of America, N.A. India14,00466965514March 31, 2014
Bank of America - Malaysia 264157157-June 30, 2013
Bank of America, N.A. Thailand1823122--December 31, 2013
Bank of America Merrill Lynch International Limited11,3386,4996,48811December 31, 2013
Merrill Lynch UK Holdings2218,00043,84619,7279,854December 31, 2013
Bank of America, N.A. Ireland1786N/AN/AN/ADecember 31, 2013
Merrill Lynch International135,56828,30923,3055,004December 31, 2013
Merrill Lynch International Bank Limited341,99213,3218,6844,342December 31, 2013
Bank of America, N.A. Spain11,36055152724December 31, 2013
Merrill Lynch Capital Markets España, S.A. S.V.744231 231-December 31, 2013
BofA Canada Bank58 862 862 -December 31, 2014
Merrill Lynch Equity S.à r.l.155232232-December 31, 2013
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Brazil2,11957756215December 31, 2013
Merrill Lynch Kingdom of Saudi Arabia4312525-December 31, 2014
1Bank of America, N.A. branch operations
2Entity also reports Tier 3 Capital of $14,266 million
3Entity also reports Tier 3 Capital of $295 million
4Entity’s fully paid up share capital and Tier 1 capital base increased by a further $12.8 million following a capital injection in January 2015.
Note: Some numbers may not foot due to rounding and conversion from local currencies to U.S. dollars
N/A = Not applicable, Ireland is not required to hold capital

Pillar 3 Remuneration Disclosures

Archived Basel II Pillar 3 Reports

Archived Pillar 3 Remuneration Disclosures

Pillar 3 Disclosures- Bank Holding Company

Market Risk Disclosure
($ in millions)Total Risk
Weighted Assets
Reporting Date
Bank of America Corporation$93,445December 31, 2014
Bank of America Corporation$100,050September 30, 2014
Bank of America Corporation$103,756June 30, 2014
Bank of America Corporation$106,104March 31, 2014
Bank of America Corporation$116,436December 31, 2013
Bank of America Corporation$110,014September 30, 2013
Bank of America Corporation$114,548June 30, 2013
Bank of America Corporation$137,669March 31, 2013

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