Bank of America Announces Benchmark Replacement Rate for Certain LIBOR Securities

March 31, 2023 Bank of America Corporation Announces CME Term SOFR as Benchmark Replacement Rate for Certain Outstanding USD LIBOR Securities after June 30, 2023

Bank of America Announces Expectations for Outstanding USD LIBOR CMS Instruments

June 26, 2023 Outstanding Bank of America USD LIBOR CMS Instruments Expected to be Calculated Pursuant to Fallback Provisions After June 30, 2023

Fixed Income Investor Materials

The fixed income investor materials below are intended to assist current and potential creditors and counterparties in analyzing Bank of America Corporation. They include the most recent quarterly earnings presentation, as well as additional information on the firm’s strategy, franchise, lines of business, funding footprint, recent debt issuances, organizational structure and credit ratings. The materials are updated each quarter upon the release of the firm’s results.

September 15, 2023 Fixed Income Investor Materials