Who do I contact if I need assistance with my Bank of America shares?

Our Shareholder Info page should answer all your questions about whom to contact about your shares.

How can I obtain information on Bank of America's latest financial results?

Our financial results can be found on the Quarterly Earnings page.

Where can I find Bank of America's 10-Qs, 10-Ks, and other SEC documents?

All of Bank of America's SEC filings can be found on the SEC Filings page.

How can I obtain a printed copy of Bank of America’s Annual Report?

Printed copies of our annual reports can be ordered from www.annualreports.com.

How can I see where a given subsidiary fits into the structure of Bank of America Corporation?

An organizational chart depicting select major operating subsidiaries of Bank of America Corporation can be found on the Corporate Structure page.

Where can I find information on the credit ratings of Bank of America and its subsidiaries?

Credit ratings for Bank of America and its subsidiaries can be found on the Credit Ratings page.

Where can I find prospectuses and other information for preferred stock and trust preferred securities?

Prospectuses for Bank of America’s outstanding preferred stock can be found on the Preferred Stock page.

Does Bank of America guarantee the debt of Countrywide?

Certain liabilities of Countrywide Financial Corporation, a direct, wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation, were assumed by Bank of America Corporation on November 7, 2008.

For a list of debt securities and related guarantees of Countrywide Financial Corporation that were assumed, please see the Form 8-K filed on November 10, 2008.

How do I reach someone with specific questions?

For additional contact information, please visit the Contact page.