A Warrants (NYSE Symbol: BAC WS A)

The original prospectus and the warrant agreement for the A warrants can be found below:
A Warrant Agreement

The terms of the A Warrants provide for certain adjustments to the Exercise Price and Warrant Share Number in connection with each quarterly common stock dividend in excess of $0.01. The table below summarizes these adjustments through the most recent dividend record date. Links to the associated notices and statements that were distributed to holders can also be found below. Please review these documents, as well as the warrant agreement, for additional information regarding the adjustments.

A Warrants (NYSE Symbol: BAC WS A)
Dividend Record Date Exercise Price Warrant Share Number
Original terms $13.300 1.00
09/05/14 $13.267 1.00
12/05/14 $13.236 1.00
03/06/15 $13.203 1.00
06/05/15 $13.171 1.00
09/04/15 $13.137 1.00
12/04/15 $13.107 1.00
03/04/16 $13.067 1.00
06/03/16 $13.032 1.00
09/02/16 $12.980 1.00
12/02/16 $12.938 1.00
03/03/17 $12.904 1.00
06/02/17 $12.867 1.00
09/01/17 $12.807 1.00
12/01/17 $12.757 1.00
03/02/18 $12.713 1.00
06/01/18 $12.666 1.00
09/07/18 $12.609 1.00(1)
12/07/18 $12.544 1.00(1)

(1) According to the provisions of the Warrant Certificate evidencing the A Warrants, no adjustment to the Warrant Share Number or the Exercise Price for the A Warrants will be made if the amount of such adjustment would be less than one-tenth (1/10th) of a share of BAC common stock or $0.01, but any such amount will be carried forward and an adjustment with respect thereto will be made (a) at the time of and together with any subsequent adjustment which, together with such amount and any other amount or amounts so carried forward, aggregate to one-tenth (1/10th) of a share of BAC common stock or $0.01, or more, or (b) on exercise of an A Warrant if that occurs earlier. Immediately following the December 7, 2018 record date, the aggregate amount carried forward with respect to the Warrant Share Number will be 0.05344.

Statement Regarding Adjustment, dated December 6, 2018
Notice to Holders of Adjustment Event, dated November 27, 2018
Form 8937 - Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities

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